Association “Youth cultural center of Vojvodina” has aim assembly and operation of youth in the field of culture, entertainment, education, media and other activities that promote healthy living and proper life of the young, for the useful and proper orientation of young people in building their personality. It is founded in 2003. based in Sombor.



Aims of organization


• commitment to the organization of cultural, entertainment and educational programs for youth;

• commitment to the researches of art and youth culture;

• advocacy for promotion of deeds of members of the Association;
• commitment to raising awareness about the content and the protection culture and arts;
• efforts to increase interaction and integration of the whole of our culture on the international and national levels;

• create a spirit of life in the new circumstances;
• contribute to the cultural identity of our country;
• commitment to the promotion of women by the culture and art.


Regular activities of organization


• organizes and develops programs and activities in the field of culture, entertainment, education and awareness;
• provides an opportunity for its members and other young people to creatively express themselves in these fields and thus contribute to building and maintaining the achievements of civil society;
• Organize and participate in conferences, festivals, and events from a field of its activities;
• collaborate with professional and scientific organizations and institutions;
• collaborate with professional organizations and associations in the country and abroad;

• collect and process scientific and technical literature in the field of culture and art, and all information related to culture and art on the Internet, the needs of its members, the non-profit basis;
• encourages its members to work on professional and research projects in art and culture;

• publishes books and other publications about arts and culture, published on the Internet information on culture and art;
• promote and affirm the national and international culture and art through the organization of festivals, exhibitions, concerts, dances, debates, symposiums, events and festivals, as well as the Internet, the media (radio, television, newspapers and other print media) and other types of presentations of artists and members of the association;

• organize a alone or together with other national or international organizations, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, multimedia presentations, meetings, symposiums, presentations for its members;

• collaborate with professional associations and other organizations at home and abroad that deal with youth, culture and art in general;
• supports the promotion of women artists in art and culture;
• media advertising to advertise their goals.





Željka Milošević, president

Art Management – General Management – Project Management


Željka has over 10 years of experience in international, multi—cultural project management, within a modern production high volume environment. Developing and implementing strategies that has propelled the art organization to a position of art market leadership. Adept at reducing costs and providing strategic leadership that has enabled the rapid growth of startup art and culture organizations. An effective team leader and mentor, a creative systems thinker and problem solver who consistently identifies new business opportunities. Regional experience in Europe.




· Strategic and business planning
· Leadership / Staff Development
· Business / Art product development
· Logistics / E-business
· Project Management
· Financial controls / budgeting
· Human Resources
· Marketing Management
· Growth revenue/reducing cost




· Faculty of Organization Science - Manager of culture and art
· Academy of Art Belgrade, desk Recording and sound design
· Academy of Art Novi Sad, Desk Harp


In addition to managerial work, she is also a music teacher of music production in the high music school "Petar Konjović" in Sombor and harp teacher at a private school in Novi Sad.


She is member of music and art groupe "Feabrik" with which appearances at international festivals and symposiums.