The report from the perspective of our participants - representatives of Serbia on this project:


Andrea Stijepić

Ivona Damjanović

Milica Fina

Kristijan Kindernaj

Aleksej Prokopić


“Let’s work for work 2” - Bulgaria, 15-25. November 2019.

Bulgarian Association "The Change is in You" is a leading partner on the “Let’s work for work 2” project funded by the European union through Erasmus+ Program. The partner from Serbia is the Association "Youth Cultural Center of Vojvodina". The aim of the project is to give young people from Europe oportunity to improve knowledge and to help them learn different methods that will aid them in getting a job or starting their own business after graduation, all in order to reduce youth unemployment in Europe.

Six teams from six different countries participated in this project - teams from Portugal, Spain, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria and Serbia (each team with four participants and one team leader). More than half of participants have never participated in a similar project before - specifically from Serbia, out of five participants, three met for the first time with Erasmus +.

In work sessions and workshops, participants had the opportunity to learn about other cultures primarily, to embrace diversity and to learn to respect them, to deal with different temperaments through teamwork, and to improve their communication skills with the environment.

On the first day, all participants had arrived in Bulgaria in Tryavna and we had the opportunity to rest before work . What was really important was the participants were arranged in hotel rooms in such a way that the rooms were international - meaning that the participants from the same country were not housed together. The aim of this interconnecting and improving communication in English.

The second day was filled with the introductions and the 'icebreakers' as participants got a bit relaxed and have allowed others to meet them. Other than that, the second day included establishing the rules which are: respecting other people and their time, helping others, proactiveness of participants, respecting project leaders, using one language - English in the presence of participants from other countries (bora bora), maintaining a workspace, respecting hotel rules about hygiene and noise... Stanimir, project leader, presented the project, YOUTHPASS (explained its meaning) and the Erasmus+ Program itself.

The third day began with the work - while learning about the team and the importance of teamwork, three teams were formed that were given the same task (how to roll over the carpet without touching the floor, except with their feet) and who actually realized, through the game, how important it was to act as one, not focusing on themselves, but on the whole team. Post-game evaluation showed that participants really understood the importance of this task and that they've enjoyed themselves. One of the participants answered the following questions: "Did you think about other teams and about winning?", He replied: "No, not at all. The only thing I thought about was that as time went on we were able to do it. Everything else was irrelevant at that moment. Truthfully, every team showed the sacrifice and 'departure' from their teams individually on the state of youth unemployment in each country. The teams brought forth the statistics, discussed the problems, and tried to find a solution to how they could contribute to improving conditions on the issue. It could be said that it was a truly "creative workshop" full of youthful enthusiasm and a will for change for the better.

During the fourth day teams were formed again, this time international, which were tasked with brainstorming, using the method of "colorful hats", mind maps and "dice and books - 6 keywords" to come up with the idea of their own business, work it through and to present via Power point presentations. Indeed, six fantastic ideas were born, perhaps not real ones, but definitely creative ones. There were associations that wanted to help the homeless, "Aqua Park - Casino", "Meme Gods" and so on. Teams enjoyed themselves while presenting their own ideas, and through their interpersonal communication it was rather easy to realize that they've already started connecting with each other. Lots of nice emotions, similar thoughts and smiles were shared in this workshop. After presenting the idea, a lecture on the “Canvas” business model followed, and then the application of the aforementioned, on the ideas presented. Some teams have changed their original ideas in this step and focused on ones that are actually realistic - now they have already started thinking like real entrepreneurs . Most participants encountered this model for the first time, but they accepted it very easily and realized its importance in business decision-making. The day was the most successful so far, with participants becoming more and more mature. Pride for their team leaders and Stanimir.

The fifth and sixth day, because of unfavorable weather conditions and the inability to go on a study trip to Veliko Trnovo, the participants devoted the creation of CVs and motivation letters for their "future employers". There were many creative letters and serious job applications, and Stanimir allocated time for a thorough review of ever job application individually , to point out flaws, and to make constructive criticism and suggestions. Those who have never been in a position to apply for a job will now know for sure. The most interesting part of applying for a job was the game - Interviews. Each participant pulled out a piece of paper with the role they were supposed to play. Companies / associations / institutions were printed on one half of the paper and professions on another half; so we had a doctor and a hospital manager, an engineer and Mercedes director, a singer and a club owner .... For the participants, this part of the workshops was a real treat. Everyone perfectly portrayed their roles, presented poor and good examples of interview behavior, was creative and humorous in their performances. Finally, Stanimir commented on each pair individually, pointing out irregularities, and instructing participants in the correct behavior - from gesture, tone, body posture and dressing, to questions to be asked and answers to be given at the job interview.

We slowly came to the last third of the ideas already worked out, the time has come for us to realize the ideas- the seventh, eighth and ninth days were dedicated to IndieGoGo. This is a Crowdfunding site created in 2008 to help people around the world turn their dreams and ideas into reality, whether starting a business and realizing a business idea, enhancing an existing business, or realizing personal preferences. The goal is to present the idea in the form of a campaign, which is posted on the IndieGoGo website, and then funded in such a way, that interested people from all over the world, who consider it good and want to support it, can pay money for its realization. Stanimir introduced IndieGoGo, as well as explaining the meaning of Crowdfunding, and then asked his associate Inna to go with the participants to present their ideas and help them market them to IndieGoGo and social networks. Inna, with all the teams, went through the process of presenting ideas on the aforementioned website, helped participants create pages on Facebook and Instagram, define their goals and properly target their target group. In the first phase, all teams created a video of who they were and what their goal was, what problem they were solving, and then after the suggestions, they did the same thing again, in a much better way. Inna used the "learning by doing" method, which has proven to be the best in this type of education. In order to continue creating the campaign, everyone received 14 questions that needed to be answered and their ideas presented in the right way on "IndieGoGo". After creating pages on social networks and defining the answers to key questions, the most interesting task followed - creating a promotional video. Eh, that was a real adventure

already. The teams "fled" in the rainy Tryavna, disregarding the cold and bad weather, just to make the video they envisioned. Teams were helping each other, improvising, doing the impossible to just do their "work" in the best possible way. There was no place for competition, all the teams functioned as one big team - just as Stanimir imagined when he devoted his time and his entire self to this project. His sacrifice paid off and fantastic creations of promising young people eager for knowledge emerged.

On the last day, the tasks presented to Inna and Stanimir were finalized, the delighted students and the same teachers applauded each other J. It was a jointly done job. This was followed by instructions for completing Youthpass and awarding certificates - again accompanied with the game. The participants had an unforgettable time mimicking each other's pantomimes and awarding each other certificates.

The day ended with summation of impressions and a "closing" party and socializing. Each day after the workshops, national teams represented their country, its culture, traditions, national cuisine and folklore. Hand to heart, the Serbian night was the most dynamic, with the most play and dance. Maybe because of the rakija we brought, who would know, but if the best party had been voted - we would have won.

Summing up the impressions, we can say that this is an unforgettable and educational experience for all participants, where everyone learned a word or expression from another language, some peculiarities of peoples such as Spanish cordiality, Italian passion for speech and gesture, Portuguese temperament. Polish goodness, Bulgarian hospitality and Serbian positivity. We learned about tolerance, teamwork, respect and dedication. We have improved our knowledge and raised it to a much higher level than before. We have made one major step towards our future. We hope that such projects will continue to be realized and that we will get to participate in them.
Long live youth!


I was the leader of the project participants from Serbia and this was my first time meeting the Erasmus+ program. During the course of the project I found myself in many unknown situations so far and I can say that there were many challenges. The hardest of those challenges was that I didn't know anyone before the project, beginning with my team, through other teams from other countries. Also, I have never before led a team made up of such young people, and I am pleasantly surprised by their maturity, willingness to learn and work on themselves.

Since I myself am doing education and being a trainer and mentor of the economy, and my work is focused mainly on those who want to start their own business, participation in this program has helped me to see how someone else is doing it, to learn new methods and to improve my work in the future. What I will surely include in the trainings that I hold are the "IndieGoGo" and "Crowdfounding" which I have found so far to be difficult to implement in the way and training program I do.

During the realization of the project I met a large number of smart and ambitious young people and their leaders, with whom I have already started planning future cooperation and realization of projects like this one.

In terms of my personal and private experience, it was more than a quality experience, many different people that I got close to and connected with, discovered that I had some qualities that I did not know I possess, such as tolerance and the will to transfer personal experiences and knowledge from life to the young, to be their support and parent in some sense (although privately I am not a parent and I had no idea until now if I would manage in this role at all)?

One of the most important things that is accomplished through the implementation of such projects is the broadening of the perspective of all participants and the advancement of the individual, which ultimately leads to the improvement of the entire community. This is where the barriers break down, friendships break, thoughts change, and each participant goes through their own process of growth and development. After this experience, you begin to look at yourself and the world with different eyes.

At no point did I regret signing up for this project, and what I wanted to do after completing it was to repeat this experience in the future.

IVONA: I was a participant in a project from Serbia and this is my third encounter with the Erasmus + program. There were wonderful and beautiful moments, I met wonderful people with whom I shared beautiful moments every day. Of course, a lot of work was done and I tried to always be up to the task level, to get everything done right and to be as focused on classes as possible. On the other hand, it was small and challenging because I first encountered one such topic that would be meaningful to me one day in the future. There were all sorts of interesting activities that I will single out for me the most favorite: writing a motivational letter, properly completing a CV and IndieGoGo. In these activities we all worked in groups and learned one important thing together: how to respect each other and help one another. The best part of the day was the evening activities during which we all hung out with and spent most of our time together. The days went by and end of the project was approaching, which I was very afraid of. I do not like goodbyes, and especially not with people who have remained dear to. The last activity was very moving, full of tears, laughter, smiles. Although we parted ways, we have now become one big family full of love.

MILICA: I was a participant in the project "Let's work for work 2". This is my second encounter with the Erasmus + project. I was looking forward to the project because of meeting new people and gaining knowledge. I was overwhelmed by the positive environment I was in. We have worked hard and learned about the things we will need in the future. The most interesting thing for me was writing a CV and a motiavtional letter. I focused as much as I could on the rest of the class knowing that one day I would do well to start my own business. I was also learning about an IndieGoGo site that I didn't know about before the project, and now I'm sure I'll need it in the future. I was filled with positive energy when doing the tasks in groups, because I think that teamwork is very important in doing various jobs. Particular beauty of this project was given by intercultural evenings where we got to know the cultures of other nations; where we had the opportunity to try their food and sing their songs. Evening gatherings were a nicer part of the project. I am happy to make new friends and have another wonderful experience.

KRISTIJAN: I was a project participant from Serbia and this is my first encounter with the Erasmus + program. It was interesting and I would definitely repeat this experience. I have met interesting and wonderful people who come from different countries of Europe. There was plenty of work to be done, but it was interesting, and I learned a lot about writing motivational letters, CVs, and IndieGoGo. I have greatly improved my English language skills and readiness for teamwork. We worked with mixed groups where we did not know each other and we all had to make a lot of effort to get the idea out. The last activity where we imitated each other without words was very fun and sad at the same time because it was the last activity before parting. However, through it we actually realized how much we allowed each other to get to know each other in a short time and how open we were to each other.

ALEKSEJ: I participated in the Erasmus + project and this is the first time I have encountered something similar in my life. I gained a lot of experience, I've gotten to know,first and foremost myself, and other people and learned the really important things that will be the key to my further progress after school, even during my studies. When you grow up in one country and come in contact with one education system, similar people in the environment and one value system, you realize how much of a limited understanding you actually have if you step out of the so-called "comfort zone". My overall outlook really widened, I realized the importance of things in life that until now I have not given importance. Also, I realized how superficial I was in regard to others, from this perspective, irrelevant things. Through the project, I had the opportunity to meet other people, exchange views and learn to appreciate the essence. I would like the young people in my area to get the opportunity I was given and to participate in such programs, as they are of great importance for raising youth awareness, education and personal progress in every sense. What is also significant to me is that I have had the opportunity to improve my English skills through daily communication. I would certainly repeat this experience, and I hope to have the opportunity.